Product Core Value

The product adopts POW to packing write into account-book. The consensus mechanism of POS voting governance takes both efficiency and fairness into account.

About us

We are committed to building a hybrid consensus based encrypted digital currency including the carrier public chain via block chain application technology, in the meanwhile we provide mining machine, mining software and wallet for achieving the application block chain ecosystem ultimately. We introduce a new generation of intelligent decentralized autonomous system to combine block chain technology with big data, information safety, machine learning, artificial intelligence for creating a new 3.0 block chain application ecosystem. TCC project is based on APACHE license agreement and all scenario code and asset application code will thoroughly open source.

Open-Office Mode

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IPFS Mechanism Whole Network Office(Excellent)

Global online office; all the codes are processed through global distribution via the IPFS mechanism.

Open Source Mechanism

Open source towards all the codes are free and code contributors are paid in the meanwhile.

Combination with Entity Industries

Quickly realize asset trading by docking with third-party entities.

Strong Team Development Ability

The team members including experts of GO Language and C Language are mainly from large Internet companies.

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Difficulty Degree
Mature Block



The book is defined to be a reference for Block chain development, involving a case of achieving public chain and fundamental through GO Language, considering to be a complete reference book for Block chain development.


The book mainly introduces contents from the principle to block chain technology application for achieving a CDN case with high concurrency and CACHE, including integration after NGINX is written into LUA and final implementation of block chain via LUA.

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